Friday, November 30, 2007

WallFlowers Gallery

Please join us at the...

WallFlowers Gallery
15 Olcott Square
Bernardsville, NJ
(908) 204-1972

Solo Exhibition of new paintings by Lisa Palombo

Curated by Gloriajean Ricca (former gallery director of J Cacciola Galleries, NYC)

Dec.7th - Dec. 21st

Reception, Friday, Dec. 7th

Food tasting by personal Chef Judy Streeter

This will be a fun event. It's a part of the Bernardsville Art Walk. There are very nice restaurants in the area. Most well known, The Bernards Inn, as well as Le Petit Chateau, The Station Pub, and the new Equous (across the street from the gallery).

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holiday Open Studio

Hens and Chicks, 24"x36" (oil on linen) (ask about availability)
I am pleased to announce that I have just finished, this piece, Hens and Chicks. It will be unveiled at my annual Holiday Open Studio, next weekend, November 17th and 18th from noon-5pm. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl, oil on linen, 12"x 16"

Friday, October 26, 2007

After the Party

After the Party #1, oil on linen, 12"x 16"

After the Party #2, oil on linen, 12"x 16"
$1800 framed (ask about availability)

Every now and again, I take a brief break from my florals and landscapes to revisit this wine series. I think these two paintings would look great together or bookending another larger piece in the middle.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Zinnia Patio Bouquet

Zinnia Patio Bouquet, oil on linen, 7"x 5"
$375framed (ask about availability)
Number 11 of the "100 minis" collection

Remember the Farmer's Market post? Well, here's a mini inspired by the flowers I bought there. I really like the color and texture combination of the flowers so I decided to paint a larger piece based on this mini sketch. I'm sure to post it when it's finished.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How to Hang Art in a Grouping

Have you ever wondered how to creatively fill a wall with more than one piece of art? You probably already have a collection of paintings, mirrors and wall sconces that would look great together.

Here are a few suggestions to get started:

Use Your Imagination - Arranging small treasures in a group gives a big impact when hung close together. Have a common theme among your collection. For example, all florals, or all black and white photos or a group of small paintings framed in similar styled gold frames. See my mini collection page for an example of different gold frames that would look nice together. Arranging your group on the floor first helps to see how to organize the "puzzle."

The Numbers Game - When filling a wall with large paintings, groups in even numbers work well and uneven numbers work well over furniture.

Going Vertical - Hang the wider framed artwork on top when hanging pieces vertically.

The Gallery Look - A simple modern gallery look is to draw an imaginary line 58" (standard) above the floor across the wall. Then arrange the art centered on the line no matter what the framed proportions are. Leaving lots of space between the pieces works especially well in long lobbies and hallways.

X Marks the Spot - Use a small masking tape "X" on the wall to mark the spot before nailing a mirror hanger. This helps save your wall from scratches and cracks, especially plaster walls. Use 2 hooks when hanging large art, this helps keep the piece from titling. I suggest using a level, too.

I hope this helps and gives you some new ideas about hanging art in groups. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at I am always happy to help.

Wishing you flower-filled days,

Lisa Palombo

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Johnny Jumps Ups

Johnny Jump Ups, oil on linen, 7"x 5"

I don't know if it is because I grew up in New England or that my mother planted violets in our backyard, but every time I notice these little flowers, I want to lay down in the grass and look for animal shapes in the clouds. :0)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Farmers Market

Ok, everyone and their sister talks about how wonderful their local farmer's market is. Well, in Upper Montclair, NJ, there is a really fabulous one. It actually reminded me of my days in Rome at the Campo dei Fiori where you shopped daily for your meals. I purchased some beautiful flowers, of course, a bunch of dahlias and a mixed zinnia wildflower bouquet, the last of September's offerings. I'll happily manage a few paintings from these lovey ladies. Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Recent Interview on Blogtalkradio

Last Saturday, I was interviewed on a live blogcast called, Transformation Education Live, hosted by Dr. Kathy King. Dr. King writes on her blog, "As another fine example of learning across the lifetime and inspiration for transformation- Lisa Palombo, the fine artist, provides a compelling interview in the talkshow interview format about her work. Listen in as we find out about her work, field questions from a collector who phones in and get an inside look."

Click here to hear the interview on BlogTalkRadio, Lisa Palombo Interview.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Limited Edition Prints

Lisa Palombo Studios proudly presents our latest series of museum quality fine art reproductions. For more information and order form, please visit,

Poppies and Delphiniums

11" x 14 3/4", Limited Edition of 250 on archival PAPER, $115
(personally signed and numbered in pencil by the artist in the white border.)

Summer El Fresco

11" x 14 3/4", Limited Edition of 250 on archival PAPER, $115
(personally signed and numbered in pencil by the artist in the white border.)

Sunflowers in a Vase

19" x 15", Limited Edition of 100 on archival PAPER, $225
(personally signed and numbered in pencil by the artist in the white border.)

Poppies in and Oriental Vase

36"x30", Limited Edition of 100 on archival CANVAS, $750
(personally signed by the artist on the front and numbered in pencil on the back.)

White Peonies

36"x36", Limited Edition of 100 on archival CANVAS, $750
(personally signed by the artist on the front and numbered in pencil on the back.)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wildflowers and Irises

Wildlfowers and Irises, oil on linen, 30"x 24"

Irises have such an regal elegance about them. They mix perfectly with a variety of wildflowers.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Late Summer Hollyhocks

Pink Hollyhocks, oil on linen, 7"x 5"
$375 framed (ask about availability)
Number 8 of the "100 minis" collection.

As the summer is winding down I managed to find some beautiful pink hollyhocks in my neighbor Diane's garden. She and her husband are excellent gardeners.
I'm off again this weekend to exhibit in the Anderson Park Art Show in Montclair NJ (not far from my studio). Anyone interested in attending, there's more information on my website, Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Ruby's Watermelon, oil on linen, 5"x 7"
Number 5 of the "100 minis" collection.

My daughter is a two fisted watermelon eater. I can't possibly look at watermelon without thinking of her devouring this fruit with utter euphoria.
I'm off to exhibit at a two day outdoor art show in Glastonbury, CT. We love doing this show! It is in a lovely park. If you are in the area stop by... directions and information are on my website,

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses, oil on linen, 5"x 7"
$375 framed (ask about availability)

Number 2 of the "100 minis" collection.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Bowl of Cherries

A Bowl of Cherries, oil on linen, 5"x 7" SOLD
Here's the first of my "100 minis" collection!

What better way to kick off a painting series, than with a bowl of cherries on a hot summer day in August. The paint is nice and thick in this one. I have a few paintings now that feature my studio window in the background. I am calling them my "studio window series."

Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Iris Garden and thank you!

Presby Iris Garden Path, oil on linen, 5"x 7"
$375 framed (ask about availability)

I adore irises and love paintings them even more! Fortunately, I live near The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens. This living museum of 80 years is dedicated to cultivating and displaying a rich variety of irises.

Speaking of irises...I want to send a big thank my new blog friend, Gillian for her kindness and creative contribution. She designed my new title banner. Gillian you are a sweetheart!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Studio Paints

Today, I realized that whenever I have one of my annual Open Studio events, I have my studio organized and neat... paints are put away, brushes are tucked in closets, and even my Greenwich easel is rolled out to the garage... then comes out the table clothes and champagne!

So for all of you that haven't seen my insanity. Here's a glimpse of how I work.

This was inspired by Gillian, who speaks of her love for art supplies. I evidently love to buy paint!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Best Wishes

Best Wishes, oil on linen, 40"x 30"
$6600 framed
(ask about availability)

I set up this still life on my studio window ledge looking out to my patio. The subtle backlighting was really interesting to me. I love how the sunlight comes through the drapes and how the shadows fall in front of the apples. This stunning wildflower bouquet was a birthday surprise from my husband. :0)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Wildflowers - why I love them so...

Wildflowers and Dandelions 12"x9" oil on linen
private collection

Most people dismiss the simple beauty of a wildflower. But if you look closely, you'll discover a world of intricate detail, splendor, and magic in a bouquet of these flowers. Every day I try to capture this essence in my paintings, and I approach this concept in two ways. First, I believe painting small flowers on a large scale amplifies their quiet beauty. Second, I have found the practice of placing wildflowers in a lovely antique vase elevates the everyday to a sophisticated level of elegance.

The artists I admire most are Van Gogh and Sargent for their brushstrokes, Janet Fish for her perseverance, and the California Impressionists for their palette.

I prefer to paint in oil on a fine-grade Belgium linen, because its tight weave provides a consistent surface yet is strong enough to sustain reworking with a palette knife. The durability of oil on linen also guarantees my paintings will endure for centuries, which is important to me and my collectors.

The inspiration for my paintings comes from my garden, where I grow a wide variety of wildflowers. Sometimes my neighbors and friends also offer flowers from their gardens. I like to paint from live models, so my compositions are determined by the blooming schedules of peonies, dandelions, poppies, pussy willows, lilies, and violets, among others. I stretch my own canvases, framing a selection of my paintings in hand-carved frames. After I have arranged a still life, I sketch the basics of the composition in pencil directly on the canvas. I then apply paint where I believe the focus of the composition lies and build the painting outward from that point, working the entire canvas one layer of paint at a time. A painting can take weeks to complete, depending upon the size of the canvas.

Painting wildflowers is not only my passion but also a part of my life path, urging me to appreciate the beauty of the simplest aspects of nature. I hope my paintings convey this same message to my collectors. If so, I would consider my life's work a success.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home, oil on linen, 12"x9"