Friday, February 13, 2009

Interior Design thoughts by Greta Goss

Award-winning interior design consultant, Greta Goss has some wonderful ideas on purchasing and displaying art...

“If buying art intimidates you, distill the process by following your instincts. You either like something or you don’t. If you buy something because you think it will be great over the sofa due to its dimensions, you have attached a purpose to the piece - which is very different from you having an instinctual reaction to it. That is fine for those who aren’t looking for one. Yet for those who are, choosing art that way will result in frustration instead of joy. If you only purchase pieces that you love, you’ll always find places to put them.”

“While a piece may look better in one area than another because it’s not competing with a certain fabric, or, it compliments or coordinates something else in the room, art need not match anything.”

“A small piece over a mantle can easily be complimented by the addition of a few assorted, asymmetrical shapes and textures like candles or sculptures beneath it.”

“When considering how to hang your pieces, pretend your bare floor or plain carpet is the wall, then use it to try out combinations of two or three pieces vertically and horizontally. Try several combinations mixing oils with prints, watercolors with etchings, or adding a mirror. The more you play with the combinations that you have, the faster you’ll learn how best to arrange them.”
Greta Goss

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TSL-art said...

Great post! So true, you will always find a place for a piece of art you love!

Lisa Palombo said...

It's that a WONDERFUL mantra - Buy what you love.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Lisa, I said nice things about you on my blog. And tagged you (sorry about that.)