Monday, September 7, 2009

Scarlet Dream

"Scarlet Dream" 24"x 20", oil on linen
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This painting is intended to pair with the previous post, "Gold Inspirations." I painted both at the same time on the same size canvases. Whether they go home to the same collectors is a matter of chance. Red poppies are so dream like to me especially in a natural setting. They seem so fragile and breezy.

I will be debuting these pieces at the Glastonbury Art Show, this weekend, Sept 12 &13 (10am-5pm). Click here, for more information.


Anonymous said...

stunning paintings lisa, love your handling of your subjects r.

Nicki said...

These would look fantastic together. Gorgeous colours in this and your previous post.

Kathy said...

Wow! Your palette selection and brushwork create a dynamic effect. These two paintings are good companion pieces.

Lisa Palombo said...

Thank you everyone! I love to work in a series or pairs, but most times these pieces go to different homes. Oh well... I can dream can't I? Ha HA

Stefanie Silverman said...

I LOVE this painting Lisa! Wow! So glad you decided to use it for your holiday open studio postcard so I can enjoy it at my desk : )