Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peony Suite

 "Celebrate"  12"x 9", oil on linen

 "Divinely Happy"  12"x 9", oil on linen


 "Glow" 12"x 9", oil on linen

 "Romance"  12"x 9", oil on linen

 "Mad About You"  12"x 9", oil on linen

Last spring I had the privildege to visit my friend's wonderful peony garden throughout the entire bloom phase. This Peony Suite was inspired by her stunning blooms. Visit her website for everything you'd like to know about growing and caring for the perfect peony. Peony's Envy


nina kuriloff said...

Your work is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the delightful backgrounds you have chosen for each one here!
it makes each one a portrait!

Lisa Palombo said...

Thank you Ladies. I had a lot of fun with these. and working on 2 more.