Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grey, a new favorite wall color according to House Beautiful readers

Recently I read an article in House Beautiful (HB) which features the 2012 Color Report. Readers vs interior designers. I strongly agree with most of it. In fact much of it confirms what I see in my clients homes. How can they be wrong, right? They polled their readers from the entire USA!

I love GREY walls especially in living rooms. What can I say, but everything looks great on a neutral grey wall. Most of all art! According to the House Beautiful poll, the under-45 crowd chose GREY as their favorite for living rooms. See below a photo of my latest painting, "River Song" on a grey wall. It was created for my collector who had recently designed her living/family room using the palette; light grey, dark grey and yellow green.

Other color facts according to HB that are interesting...

  • ORANGE is in! Many blogger and readers love Orange.
  • BLUE is the number one bedroom color! ahhhh... so soothing.
  • YELLOW slightly wins over WHITE as the favorite kitchen color.
  • Designers still love RED in dinning rooms.
  • GREEN and PURPLE are rising stars.

If you have a yen to redo your space, here's a helpful color tool that House Beautiful offers. They call it their Complete Guide to Color.    Happy painting!

(c) Lisa Palombo, 2012.


Judy said...

Hi Lisa!
Who knew grey is the latest favorite color. --your painting looks lovely above this sofa. I enjoy seeing your work -- it so lively and appealing.
It was nice to meet you and your husband at the Lititz art show. I hope to see you again -- keep up the great art work!

haggermaker4 said...

What is your gray paint color name? I really like it!


Nita said...

I love the chairs! Where can I purchase them?

Lisa Palombo said...

Sorry Nita,
I do not know who makes the chairs. They are fabulous tho!